our commitment to you

Standards matter and through our unique partnerships, African Bean Company is positioned to ensure quality throughout the life cycle of our product - from crop to your daily cups of ROOTS JAVA. Our product arrives from Rwanda meeting the highest standards of processing, sorting, bagging, and finally shipment where it will eventually become the JAVA you love to taste.

people matter

To ensure you a quality cup of coffee, a strong and solid relationship bridge has been built between all the parties concerned in delivering ROOTS JAVA to you. Our coffee reflects the heart and soul of the proud people of Rwanda who tediously cultivate the crops and also bring their unique perspective to bringing your cup of coffee to market. ROOTS JAVA comes to your cup from partners committed to zero tolerance for child and forced labor in the supply chain. 

sustainability matters


ROOTS JAVA emerges from an environment where sustainable practices occur daily - from organic composting, to burning tons of potentially harmful waste into rich organic fertilizer - and by requiring waste water treatment at all wet-mills with EMI (Effective Micro-Organisms).

transparency matters

Because all our partners along the SUPPLY CHAIN are committed to a sustainable and solid relationship bridge, the farmers involved in bringing ROOTS JAVA to your table are trained to ensure all transactions are recorded using standard accounting practices. Together, we are creating better quality, and more revenue and higher profits for the farmers. Our partners are committed to transparency from the gathering of the beans to your morning cup of ROOTS JAVA.

The journey of our coffee beans from the trees in the hills of Rwanda to you has multiple important stops along the way; nevertheless, at African Bean Company, your time schedule matters to us. Our partners have an on-site logistics team that works closely with drivers, freight forwarders and ports to ensure that our coffee is delivered in a timely fashion…ensuring you a great cup of ROOTS JAVA.
Most importantly, our partners take a holistic approach to partnership with our Rwandan farmers, and provide special financing, market risk management, quality control, financial management, and all the training needed that supports the activities necessary to provide you with your great tasting cup of coffee.