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Coffee, this incredible product that has captured the taste buds of the world is a story filled with myth and legend and with the continent of Africa laying claims as the place of origin. Wherever its debut, of this we are sure, it has made its way into the daily lives of Americans.

growing & harvest

At African Bean Company, we are proud to have as our specialty Rwandan coffee, a great tasting coffee from the country of Rwanda. In Rwanda, the independent farmers are trained to nurture their crops to bring about a greater yield of their highly sought after beans.

Our Rwandan beans comes from a mountainous region where ideal soil, a great climate and the right elevation all come together to produce these superior crops—making these beans among the most sought after in the world.


To ensure the retention of the natural flavors, our beans are properly wet-milled and handled with upgraded tools under watchful and caring eyes.

The beans are dry processed and graded under strict standards and guidelines—where the husk is removed and the beans are carefully identified and properly graded to ensure quality.

After being harvested, processed and graded, they are then bagged and made ready for delivery to the right ports for roasting and finally delivery to you. 

roasting & packaging

Our beans are roasted in a top roasting facility - one that meets the highest certification requirements from the Safe Quality Food Institute [SQF 3000] as well as certification requirements from the British Royal Consortium and the Global Food Safety Initiative.
We look forward to providing OUR PRODUCT for your cup of coffee.  Additionally, we look forward to conversations on how we can best serve your needs in FLAVOR, PACKAGING and DELIVERY

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