creating a great story with every sip

Enjoy a satisfying ROOTS JAVA experience – and with each savored sip make a difference in the lives of people on two continents. African Bean Company – a private enterprise – is positioned to be a catalyst to restore HOPE and to bring opportunities where most needed.
When you partner with ROOTS JAVA, you are doing more than having a cup of coffee. You become part of a life changing experience on two continents.


Dr. Fitzgerald Hill, the founder of African Bean Company, was emotionally moved while in Rwanda as he personally witnessed these Rwandan entrepreneurs becoming part of a global supply chain. He was struck by their commitment to excellence and their diligence of effort. He knew the history of the tragedy that once defined their country, but experienced the personal turn-around that was taking place. He wanted to be part of that incredible story of making living worthwhile, not only for the gracious people of Rwanda, but to help ignite a similar turn-around in America’s challenged communities; thus the birth of African Bean Company and your opportunity to keep writing this incredible story.


The Visionary Founder

A driven and motivated college football coach turned "Purpose Driven" college president is how one would define Dr. Fitzgerald Hill, the founder of African Bean Company. His drive for excellence and transformation is catching the attention of his peers and many influential organizations around the country.

It was with this same spirit of purpose that he accepted an invitation to visit the African country of Rwanda. While visiting several coffee farms, he caught sight of what was possible. He saw this "positive" reality of hope in action in a country that had at one time been totally devastated, as a story to import to America...and to the African-American communities in particular.

He envisioned a new commodity making its way across the historic Transatlantic Slave Routes - this time African Coffee - grown and harvested by Africans, shipped to America and brought to American consumers under an African-American Coffee Brand.

Upon his return to Arkansas, the visionary Dr. Hill made the first steps to give life of what he had envisioned while in Rwanda. He established the African Bean Company as the home for the brand and blend of coffee he had envisioned and created. Dr. Hill carefully nurtured this dream while waiting to find the right person to bring his vision to life. 


President & CEO

In 2012, Dr. Hill approached Clifton Taulbert of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a "Time Magazine" recognized entrepreneur and business consultant, to serve as president of the company he had founded with the mission of translating his vision into reality. 

Taulbert, as President and CEO has been charged to take this enterprise nationally - bringing to national markets highly sought-after beans, a robust and superior roasting process, competitive pricing and for you, a great tasting cup of coffee from the continent of Africa.

As the company grows and African Bean Company’s footprint is established, to ensure a socially responsible company, a ROOTS JAVA FUTURE FUND FOUNDATION will be put in place as a partnership vehicle to add our hands and hearts in the mix of helping to meet the needs of underserved, challenged youth and young adults through specifically designed programs to foster entrepreneurial thinking, to introduce building community principles and personal leadership development strategies.